Nov New Hiro photo in Jpho
and some diary

24th New picture in Art

2nd I added Art

1st April I Updated this web

1st January I hope everyone will be happy again this year

30th I renewed this site

30th Hiro's diary updated

30th Hiro's schedule updated

11th November
Hiro's history updated

7th November
NZPhoto Kiwi Photoopens
Kiwi Photo includes Trip October 2005

5th October
APho Aussie Photo and
TPho Travel Photo open
Aussie Photo contains Sky jump and Scuba diving
Travel Photo comprises Finland, Italy and Switzerland 2004

23ed June 2005
FISH'N'FISHING opens with Pro Profile and
JPho Japanese Photo
Japanese Photos includes Kyoto, fish and me,
Kyoto Gion festival and Japanese arts

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