If you want to be happy for all your life, learn how to fish

Now here it is!!
Aussie photos presented by Hiro!!

Sky diving!!
Finally, I went to the sky diving...
It was great!! I can't explain how it was cool!!
Just try! Then u will understand!!


Scuba Diving!!
It was just wonderful!!
It is hard to describe...You have to go and dive!!
Do you know Nemo?? I saw them!! Nemo's actuall name is Anemone fish, do you remenber now??


Fishing in Sameset dam in QLD
It was hot and hot...lol
We could cook eggs on the road...lol
Many flies...lol
Middle of country side...lol
A lack of water...lol
The dam is perfectly different from any japanese lakes and dams...lol
Im just making excuse because we didnt catch any... lol


My first nice fish in Australia is a flathead
I was so excited to fish this fish!
And also this fish stabed me by its spike... thats why I was sucking my fingure... lol


Wild, isnt it??

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