The Worst fishing day is stii better than the best business day

Hi, my name is Hiroaki.
Im going to tell you about myself with using the table below.

Name Hiroaki
Please call me Hiro
Birthday 10th June 1985
Hobby Fishing
I am crazy about fishing and everyone knows that
I especially love lure fishing
I started fishing when I was 2 years old
My dad took me fishing that time
I often go fishing to the river which is near my home in Japan
My most memorable fish is a blue shark which I caught in Hawaii in 2004
It was a big shark!!
Reading books
I like fairy tales for example Harry Potter@and detective books
We have a great amount of books in our house
Listening to musics
I listen to all kind of music
I sing all kinds of music
Playing sports
I belonged to the soccer club during high school and junior high school
The training was really tough but I made a lot of friends and learned not only soccer
skills but also social manners
I also like playing tennis, golf and swimming
I started swimming even befer I started fishing
I play tennis with my brother and mam
My brother always beat me but I hope I will beat him one day
My favorite countries are Italy, Switzerland, Finland and NewZealand
My most memorable trip is when I went to Europe for one month
I went to Finland, Italy and Switzerland.
Watching movies
I love comedies
Outdoor activities
I often go out with my family
My Family loves nature
I am good at Bowling, Sports, and of cause Fishing!!
I am sure that I am a genius for fishing!!
I am not good at Talking through telephone line because I can't see faces
Even I speak in Japanese, I don't like talking through telephone
Moreover I am really bad at pushing numbers...
I used to make mistakes everytime and still I often make mistakes...
Family members Parents, Grandmother, two younger brothers and one younger sister
My sister Masue
She likes swimming and reading books such as Harry Potter
My brother Souhei
He likes animals and insects so he belongs to the biology club in junior high school.
He is studying cockroaches, it is odd that I say this but I am saying that he is quite unique
My brother Shinji
He is studying to enter the pharmacy uni
Hometown in Japan Osaka prefecture
Osaka is famous as the city of nice food
We have Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki which is very famous in Japan
Osaka dialect
Osaka dialect is much more casual than the Japanese which is spoken in Tokyo called
Hyoujunngo, it means standard language
Moreover Osaka is a very big city and also Osaka is close to Kyoto and Nara
which are very old cities
Settsu city
Settsu is a small town. There is nothing special in this city,
but I think it is easy to live in because it is quiet and we have some transportation
so we can go to the city center of Osaka easily.
Hometown in Australia Brisbane
It is a great city to live!!
Pets in Japan We have a dog
Pets in Australia We have a dog too
My great experience I lived in NewZealand in 2003 for 1 year
It was a great experience
I met so many people and made so many friends in NZ and all over the world
I can tell you that 1 year changed me lots
I have met some of my friends after I left NZ and I am going to keep in touch with them
Favorite food Of course Japanese food, I especially love Sushi and Sukiyaki which is cooked
with thin sliced beef and vegetables in a bowl with soy sauce and sugar
I love fish & chips too!!
Favorite words Be happy
Friendship is like war... Easy to start... Difficult to end... Impossible to forget...
So I am having a war with you... I hope that you do not want peace...
Fish'n'Fishing This comes from Fish and Chips
One reason I got the idea from Fish and Chips is because I lived in
NewZealand for almost one year and I liked Fish and Chips

Year age What happened or What I did
10th June 1985 0 I was born as the first child for my parents
1985 0 I lived in Yokohama or Shiga
I am not sure...
Well I was born in Shiga which is near Kyoto
I am sure about that... I hope...><
We moved from Shiga to Yokohama in Kanagawa prefecture near Tokyo
Between 1985 - 1986 0 - 1 My parents took me to swim and I loved swimming
Since then, I had belong to swimming club until 10
1985 - before 1992 0 - 6 I really did not like ants...><
My dad and mam still remember that...
Please forget about that!!
During 1987 2 I believe my dad took me fishing in this year
It was the start of my adiction to fish
Between 1987 - 1990 2 - 4 The fish which I can remember as oldest fish was cought that time
I still remeber because I was crying
I was crying that time because we could not catch any fish and it was about to go home
Howevere as you can imagine, I did not want to go home so I whined
What happened was we cough a fish just after I started crying and whining!!
Since then I believe the god of ocean loves me
1990 4 I believe we moved to Osaka
1990 - 1992 4 - 6 It was one of my best memory
My brother and I went to the same kindergarden
We were troble kids
We loved to catch flogs in the pond in the kindergarden
We often fell into the pond
We did not care because we could swim but I am sure that my mam and kindergarden
teaches cared because they had to dry and clean our clothes every time we fell
Some people (might include us) must had thought we were flogs too
1992 6 I started my new adventure called elementary school
Between 1992 - 1998 6 - 12 I loved to catch animals for instance fish, lizards, tortoisies and flogs
I often went to catch them with my brothers and frinds
It was shocking for people I grabed flog legs at the same time riding my pushbike
It was an exciting experince my flog escaped from the cage when I took her to the school
You know, all girls were screaming
For boys, that was the funniest
1995 9 I started playing soccer
My friends took me to the soccer club for elementary school kids first time for experience
and I scored a goal
As a result I belonged to the soccer club next week
The ground for the team was far from our places for elementary kids but we rided our
pushbikes to get there
It was always adventure for us everyweek
1996 10 I still remember I cought a bass by a lure at the place called 100 yen bridge in my family
because I cought that fish ater I imaged how I would catch it
This fish changed my fishing
March 1998 12 I finished the elementary school
My old friends from my elementary school still can recognize me
Thay say I have never changed...
Aplil 1998 12 I enrolled the junior high school after the period which I studied hardest in my life for 2 years
It was boys college and we had to wear uniforms...
I decided to belong to the soccer club in the school
I was so struggling to chose one from soccer or swimming
1999 13 Thank you to the school council
We could wear anything we like (there were still some regulation but they were not tough
2000 14 Our high school became mixed school this year
It was shocking for me because I loved boys school...
If you are men, you can understand how boys schools are cooooooooooool
Our junior high school became mixed school in 2003
1st January 2001 15 Nothing happened on the new year's day
I knew nothing would happen
If something happened to the earth, I cursed Nostradamus
because he would rob my joy fishing!!
No one can take my joy away
Lovely Nostradamus missed to prophesy, thank you
March 2001 15 I graduated from the junior high school
April 2001 15 I started my high school life in the same campus as the junior high school was
so same frinds and same teachers (depends on subjects)
I still kept playing soccer
26th January 2003 17 I went to Newzealand as an exchange student for 1 year
As I said before, it was one of the best memory in my life
March 2004 18 I went to Europe first time with my grand parents
July - August 2004 19 I visited my frinds in Europe
March 2005 19 I finished the high school which I had schooled for 6 years
Friends from junior high and high school are so important for me
March 2005 19 I got my driving license
April 2005 19 I went to Tokyo (Japanese capital) for 10 weeks
July 2005 20 I came to Australia and started studying
I was in a lunguage school then
30th January 2006 20 Now, Im an uni student in Griffith
The bachelor of science in ecology and conservation biology
Im going to study this next 3 years

Like Hiro??

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