Hiro's Diary

Welcome !!


Hi everyone How are u?
I am always fine, I am trying to be!!
Smile!! I want to see everyone is smileing!

One of my friends tought me a good paragraph, so I tell you
"Friendship is like war... Easy to start... Difficult to end... Impossible to forget...
So I am having a war with you... I hope that you do not want peace...

This year 2006, Hiro will
study but also enjoy a lot!!
be happy!!
smile all time!!

Who is Hiro?? Little Japan!! Kiwi!! Oz!Oz!Oz!Oi!Oi!Oi! See the world :>Artist Hiro :] Jamp to Japanese site!!! If your computer can desplay...

What is new??

Hiro's schedule

This site is produced by Hiro
If you have any suggestion or question about this web site,
please send me emails to below
Thank u!!

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