The fish which you lost is big

First of all, I would like to say thanks to my friend, thier familys and people who I met on my trips

Finland 2004

I went to Finland on my summer vacation on 2004.
I visited my finish friend.
At the same time, my german friend visited him too!!
It was great to see my two of my best friends at same time!!
I stayed my finish friend place for 10 days, and also we went to his family's summer house
I loved sauna!! And his family has 3 saunas... I am so jealous about it...
It was first time to take photos by my desital camera. My camera did a great jobs, didn't it??

You can see great Finland nature
I really loved the landscape!!
It was so peaceful and big!!

Blue berries!! Love berry cake!!Bush walking!!Beautiful finland!!

I also visited Helsinki with german friend.
My finland friend had to go to work on that day...
We went to the island which is World Heritage. The island had been a fortress for long time
Helsinki was a beautiful city
I loved the atmosphere of the city!! The city produces stable atmosphere and u feel like that u can be a pair of city's history


I went to Italy after I visited my friend in Finland
I visited my friend who lives in there
She is one of my best friends, I was so excited to see her

See!! Great Italian foods!! They are so delicious!!
I guarantee that u will be addicted!!
You need to go Italy to eat piza if you love piza!!

Love icecream!!Love piza!!

This is the art which is drawn by ancients. This place is protected as World Heritage
U should visit there even u are not interested in the art
U can feel something special enagy

Pontedilegno ponte=bridge di=of egno=wood
I tell you this town is just nice
I saw two men were fishing... I will bring my tackle next time!!

What a wonderful city is!!
The city is so elegant!!
Nice place for shopping, I believe, even window shopping is fun and enjoyful
This cathedral called Duomo is one of the most famous sightseeing spot in Milan
There is a tradition that people will come back to Milan if people turn 3 times on the bull picture on the road
so I will come back!!

See, Hiro is arrested, because he is addicted to fishing...
Gardaland is a good place to have fun all day!!
I loved roller coasters!!


Switzerland was my final destination on my trip on 2004
I also visited my frind at there
It was great to see my school international friend!!

Land scape of Natural Switzerland!!
The home of Heidi!!
I beleive that here is one of the best place to go picnic!!

Heidi!!Love this landscape!!Heidi's house??

Traditional Swiss house!?


Zurick (Left), Bern (Middle) and Luzern (Right)
I visited Zurick few times on my trip
There is a fomous cake and chocolate shop
Of course, Switzerland is famouse for chocolate
We visited a famous shop (I forgot the name...) and ate cakes which were just wonderful!!

I did not have enough time to stay in Bern, so I have to visit there someday!

Luzern is a beautiful city!!
U can find beautiful buildings, lake and bridge!!

Love Zurick!!Wanna visit Bern again someday!!Nice city Luzern!!

The Donau fall
The biggest waterfall in Europe, I think
The surprising thing is that we can go to the island which locates middle of the waterfall!!
I was excited when I saw a lot of fish around there!!
I should have taken my fishing gear...

Fish fish fish... wanna fish!!

As a Sherlock Holmes fan, it was so exciting to visit the Reichenback waterfall!!
That waterfall is famous for that Sherlock Holmes fell from the cliff into the bottom of waterfall
That part of story is so populler
I did not think I would go there on my trip, so it was so exciting!!

Love u Holmes!!My dream to visit & dream comes true!!

C U soon, my friends :]

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