Kiwi Photos

Don't say good bye, please tell me see you

It is like going home when I go to NewZealand
I want to say thank you to everyone who allow me to visit "Thank you!!"

Fish in NewZealand always welcome me when I go fishing
In 2005 October, I visited NewZealand and visit my nz family!!
Of couse, we went fishing and cought a lot of fish.
I cought this gust fish (right name??
and we (not me...>< also got this snapper

My hair and face look awful...This size is still not big around Mayor!!2005

Well I believe Mayor Island is one of the best fishing spots on the planet
because it is heaven for all fishers
More over it is heaven for all marine life
You might see so many creatures
For example, albatorosses are common in this area
They are so big!!


Matamata is 1 hour from Hamilton and on the way to Rotoruwa from Hamilton
Matamata was a just small town before
However it is famous now for Hobbiton which is in the film The Road Of The Ring
You can join Hobbiton tour everyday I suppose...
I went to the high school there for 1 year
We had only KFC at that time but now they are also enjoying Mac and Subway
It is still a peaceful town

My nz family made this!2005

Christmas in New Zealand
Hot summer Christmas!!
That Christmas was different from Christmas I had ever had
Yet, it was great!!
Photos from Bay of Island
There is famous for a lot of activities such as "The hole in the rock" and "Swim with dolphins"!!


Beautiful, isnt it??

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