I am who I am

This is Hiro!! How is Hiro??
Is he handsome?? Of couse he is!!!!!!!! (I am pretty sure that my brother is laughing!!
I cought this trout in the Akutagawa river in Japan in January
Akutagawa is in the settsu ravine in Takatsuki city which is located in the north part of Osaka
I loved this fish.
However it was sooo00000000 cold...

This is Kyoto
There are a lot of old buildings. It is worth visiting at least once. This path is located near Kiyomizu temple which is famous for Kiyomizu no Butai which is one of the most famous buildings in Kyoto
It looks so great, is not it??
I loved old buildings so much!!

Wanna visit??

Kyoto Shijou street
There are many blocks in Kyoto, so there are many streets in Kyoto
This street is called Shijo street which is one of themost famous streets in Kyoto
You can see a lot of shops and places to go and have fun with friends!!!

U will love!!

Gion festival
Gion festival is the most famous festival in Japan. People carry two tyapes of portable shrines,
one is called Yama and another is called Hoko, which are 32 in all
There are a lot of streer stalls when festivals are held
There are mamy kind of dishies
It is worth to eat dishies which you do not know
I guarantee that you would love!!
There are also many games which include Bingo, shooting by a toy gun, catching gold fish and so on
There were huge numers of people. You can not imagine that...

A lot of stalls!!Golden fish!!

Japanese arts
Byoubun (Left) and Uchiwa (Right)
Byoubu is a kind of painting called Byoubu
Artists often put gold on the paper
This Byoubu is extreamly expensive...
Actually it is hard to say the price but it is worth 1 million us $ at least...
Uchiwa is round fan
This Uchiwa is not so expensive conpareing with Byoubu, however it is worth 10000 us $ at laest...
I wanna have some of them someday...

Too expensive...Beautiful!!

Lovely Hiro, isnt he??

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