One day in 2006
We lost the final yesterday...
I knew our team could win but it was clear that they were better than us...
The game was even, we had few big chance to score.
I havent felt so much that i want to play better.
We can have fun in games, i know that.
But sometimes, we have to win the games to smile.
Next time, I want to smile, so i should get bit serious on soccer.
The result was 0-2.
I have been enjoying my worst body condition and feeling last 5,6
I hardly do run or play soccer.
On off, i stay @ home.
I dont feel like im going out.
Im hoping that i can finish this semester before i get down.
Hey good new is that i put my photo on Japanese Photo section.
My friend took it when i was soooooooo fine.
@ that day, i had a date... and it was called off.
She had to go to the airport to say goodbye to her friend.
So there has been nothing since then.
My first competition as a captain is over now.
I cannt stop playing so im doing a captain and play in cometition again.
Till then i have rest and get my best.
I dont want to make and have any excuses anymore.
I have 4 exams sitting in front of me.
I will pass 2 exam easily, i guess.
I have to work hard on 2, so i have to go today.
C u soon

One day in the second semester
This seme is much harder than the first one.
I nearly failed in 2 subject in mid
Well, i got about 50% of exams.
I could study harder but u see i didnt.
Many things are going on now...
I wanted to go to NZ to see my NZ family, but my health is bit bad last few weeks,
so i made up my mind to go back to japan to see my doctors...
Well, what happed was I had a bicycle accedent...
My bicycle is OK so dont worry!
3 weeks after that accedent, i felt pain around my heart.
This kind of thing sometimes happens to me, but this time, it was serious.
And i had a big soccer game next day.
U know I played and surely that made worse...
I may go to NZ next winter here.

One day in the first semester
I got 2 HD and 1 D and 1 P
Im happy with them.
i also got into top 20 studenta in Bio so im going to Bonio island in South east asia!!
It will be great!

26th May
I had Bio Lab test 2day...
It has 30% in weight...
I hope I get around 25%, come ON!!

19th May
Our research group handed in our research report 2day.
2 more individual essey to

9th May
I feel like Im not Hiro when Im troubling to handle my feeling...

2nd May
Why is it so difficult to say the fact I love...
I may be affraid to be rejected.
Or I still cannt go forward...
Or friendship is too comfortable...
Forgetting things is much more difficult to remember... this is true

1st May
I got 36 out of 40 in Chemistry exam :)
Happy happy happy

24th April
Chemistry exam...
I have had serious headache since
So I could not finish my study... well this is not
I hope I will pass
Anyway, now I have to keep working on reports... lol
I never finish this studying

18th April
I got my exam result
Music starts !
(Just imagine your favorite music is on)
Math 34.5 out of 36
Bio 34 out of 40
Big smile:)
Im happy with them:)
I still have chemistry next week....

11th April
Today was the biggest charange since I have been here
I had a biology exam today
I stayed till late to study... lol
I hope that I got at least the mark I can pass this course...

10th April
The middle exam week stated today...
I had math this morning from 8 am... lol
Can u believe that we had the exam @ 8 AM??
It is crazy to have it...
Well still, Im pretty sure that I passed the test

30th Feb
Uni started
My couse is in the environment science
its name is the science in ecology and conservation biology
I hope to get a lot of friends, PLEASE
Sure, Im trying to get a lot of friends
I will have fun

25th Jan
Today is an Australian Day
So I did...................................................... nothing....
I have had assessment to finish.
And also I have been so frustrated because of
2. One assessment
3. I cann't tell u

23ed Jan
I normally stay at house during weekend now.
I watch TV (usually sports such as cricket, teniss Australian Open has been on TV, fishing Fishing is a sport!!
Time, I spend during weekend is
Watching TV > useing my pc without the internet (I still can not use the internet) > study
Is this ok??

16th Jan
Im disapointed because of me...
I realized how stupid I was last few months.

10th Jan
My mam told me that my family is coming to Brisbane on Feb.
It is exciting, isn't it??

9th Jan
Can I cry??
The class started today... lol

9th Jan
A woman was killed by sharks at a beach in Moreton Bay.
That beach is near my diving spot...
Be careful when you go swimming in Australia in summer.
Also a girl was killed by most dangerous jellyfish (called box jellyfish) at far north from Cairns.
Respect the advice from locals when you do activities in the nature.

7th Jan
I saw the movie Just Like Heven
It was a good movie!
You should see it, I recomend !!

6th Jan
I came back to Brisbane.
It started storming as soon as I got here...
Bad weather loves

24Dec-5th Jan 2006
I enjoyed boating, swimming and fishing so much!!
This chiristmas vacation was not normal because it wasn't cold at all.
Well, it was sometimes too cold to swim but it doesn't mean cold, do it??
Great Barrior Island was so beautiful.
This island is covered with deep green three and surrounded by deep blue sea.
This contrast is so beautiful.
Bay of Island locats on top of North Island.
As you can see from the name, there are a lot of islands.
You will see island covered with light green and the ocean with light blue.
This contrast is also beautiful.
It was thierd time to visit Paihia.
It was still small town as I visited last time.
Our biggest fish was Mako or Blue shark cought by my german friend.
I was sooooooo happy when I got my first scallop (a kind of shell fish).
I drunk a lot comparing to the life in Brisbane but I don't mind
because I was in Newzealand.
The only one bad thing on the boat is lack of flesh water...
I did not wash my self by flesh water during this trip!!
You could smell solty Hiro!!
So I was so pleased when I washed my self in my house in Brisbane,
I was sooo looking forward!!
I put ONLY 1.5 kg on this trip... is this good enoutgh??

24th Dec
We left Tauranga by the boat to head off to Bay of Island.
I was sooooooooo excited!!

19-21st Dec
This is secound time to come here after I went to Australia.
I enjoyed staying in Matamata with my Newzealand brother.
My kiwi brother now lives in contry side.
There are 2 cattles and 3 lambs in the garden waiting for being eaten!!
I love Matamata because my high school is there and the town is lovely.

14th Dec
I will flight to NewZealand after tomorrow.
Therefore, I will not be able to be cought by email next 3 weeks.
So, I want to say

11th & 12th Dec
I went fishing to Somerset Dam in Queensland.
It was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot!!
Can u believe water was above 30 degree....
U feel like an egg on hot fry pan on a boat.
U feel like being boiled in water.
Well, please do not ask me whether I cought fish.
I say it was tooooooooooo hot for fishing!!

1st December
I saw Harry Potter.
It is worth to watch.
Well, I don't wanna talk about the story but I say the movie was different from
last 3 movies.
There was a lot of laugh and thrill.
You may find displeased if u have read the book.
However, it is still gooo000000000000d.
I loved it and I am gona watch again next week

30th Nov
It was hailing in some parts of Brisbane.
It was like "REAL" Christmas because the view from TV was white all over the ground.

29th Nov 2005
This is my first diary to write...
I put the word gdiaryh but actually this is not.
This is irregular diary so please do not expect me write everyday.
I also write diary in Japanese.
I will do my best anyway!!
Well, firstly I want to say
CONGRATULATIONS to all countries, which qualified for next year Germany world cup.
Especially, Japan, Australia, Italy, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Switzerland.
I am doing well in school.
We have had a lot of home works and assessment but I am coping well.
And also I have to say that I am soo000 excited to see Harry Potter latest movie!!
I will tell you after I see if I will still remember to write...
The movie is coming on 1st of Des in Australia.
Have a nice day, everyone.

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